In this post, I provide a paper version of the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems–Circumplex Item Response Theory (IIP-C-IRT) assessment measure. This measure is a brief (32-item) version of the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems with circumplex scales that was developed by Sodano & Tracey (2011) . While similar to the related IIP-32 and IIP-SC measures, the IIP-C-IRT uses a reduced set of items selected using nonparametric item response theory. This paper version spans three pages: two for administration and one for scoring. Items are ordered by octant in four sets of eight ({PA, …, NO} x 4) to facilitate hand-scoring. Basic didactic information about the measure and interpretation recommendations are provided on the scoring page.

Click on the images above or the following link to download version 1.0 as a PDF: IIP-C-IRTv1.0


Sodano, S. M., & Tracey, T. J. (2011). A brief Inventory of Interpersonal Problems–Circumplex using nonparametric item response theory: Introducing the IIP–C–IRT. Journal of Personality Assessment, 93(1), 62-75. doi: 10.1080/00223891.2010.528482

Zimmermann, J., & Wright, A. G. (2017). Beyond description in interpersonal construct validation: Methodological advances in the circumplex structural summary approach. Assessment, 24(1), 3-23. doi: 10.1177/1073191115621795

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