fg2015I was born in New Haven, Connecticut to two educators. As an insightful but shy child, I spent much of my free time playing on the computer and trying to deduce what others were thinking and feeling. These experiences instilled in me the passion and basic skills for computer programming and psychological inquiry that I would later combine into a program of research in the interdisciplinary space between psychology and computer science.

In 2009, I received a BA with distinction in psychology and philosophy from the University of Washington. During my time in Seattle, I worked in several research labs, including the Relationship Research Institute, where I discovered a passion for experimental observation and gained a model of interdisciplinary research in Dr. John Gottman.

In 2010, I began my doctoral study in clinical psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. I received an MS in clinical psychology in 2013 and am on track to finish the PhD in 2017. Under Dr. Jeffrey Cohn, I revived my passion for computer science and entered the interdisciplinary field of affective computing. I now develop, validate, and apply computerized tools for the analysis of human behavior. My applied work has used these tools to explore how personality and psychopathology (especially depression) influence patterns of affective and interpersonal behavior.